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    how do i make this a default launcher? when i press home, i go back to my original launcher
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    mshaw..I don't know about the resets, I have a GSM phone though.

    achap...same issue here, I think that it is more of a novelty at this point
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    Stay away fromthe Orange launcher. Orange Uk have admitted that it causes multiple software conflicts, as I can painfully attest. I have just flashed to 1.23, and waiting to see if I now have less than 20 rsets a day.....
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    The Orange launcher is not actually a launcher in the Palm sense of the word. Orange use the word Launcher to mean the start page on all their smartphones. It's basically like "Outlook Today" in MS Outlook. Pretty graphics and they can put an advert for their overpriced onformation services right there on the screen. See that bottom icon? That takes you to their list of pay services where you can buy traffic information and phone accessories.

    As an application it's actually part of the phone app. You get the Orange "Launcher" as the default page of the phone app instead of the dial pad. you have to waste a button push going to the dialpad. They've also turned off the "General Preferences" option screen, so you cannot change the behaviour of the keyboard (so that typing searches contacts) in the the phone app. Basically these thanges render the phone app pretty useless. While I had it installed I found that it was the same number of key strokes to pay for weather forecasts or order a bluetooth headset as it was to phone my girlfriend.

    In summary: It's s**t.
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    I had a look at a P910i today at an Orange shop and it had the same "launcher" from page. I think they call it a "signature application".
    From the look of it Orange have about 5 different phones that have the same "Launcher".

    So that's why they did it

    I'm coming around to liking it now.

    I expect lots of people hated Windows 95 when it first took the place of Windows 3.1
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    With the Windows 95 interface at least you could create your own shortcuts on the desktop and delete the AOL Signup icon!
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