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    The SMS function on the Treo 600 workd flawlessly but since I got my Treo 650 I have had all sorts of problems. Right now I have 6 SMS threads that for one reason or another I cannot delete. If I try and delete them, my Treo resets.

    Given that I send about 30 SMS messages a day to all over the world, having this kind of problem is really a pain. At least one of my firends who has a Treo 650 has the same problem.

    Anyone else having SMS thread problems on the 650 and how have you resolved them?
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    Hope this helps: Try deleting two files called "Messages Database" and "SMS Messages2." In order to find these 2 files, you will need something like "Filez" which is a freeware file utility program. Here is a link to it from palmgear:

    It is important to note that this will delete all of your sms messages from your Treo 650, so be aware of that. This seems to be something that you want to do anyway and it should do away with any problems that you are having with the sms program.

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