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    Lost my Treo 650 charger.
    Does anyone know if it's possible to buy another original charger anywhere?
    If not - what is another good option for a non-cradle charger?
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    I bought several off of ebay, however, is a wonderful option if you want something legit. They wouldn't sell it if it didn't work for your Treo. Nobody knows Treo's better than them.
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    If you can't wait for someone to ship, head to the Sprint store. I myself had this problem and had to buy a replacement at the Sprint store in San Bruno, but others stock the stuff as well. They charge big bucks, though. Only worth it if you really can't wait.
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    Igo, has some cool solutions as well...
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    I use the BoxWave MiniSync - It rocks!
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    You could just buy the treo wireless headset. That comes with a palmone charger.
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    I just wanted to update this and add that the iGo charging system is the best if you have tons of gadgets and travel a bit. We head to the coast often, and between the entire family, there're Treo and Sony Ericsson bits, PSP, DS, iPod, Sony camera, and they all can be charged with the peripheral system (even two at a time). Fantastic and very handy. (We do put away the electronics for real, physical fun )


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