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       #1's software (Harmony) can supposedly now sync with the the Palm Desktop, Outlook, etc. Does anybody have experience with this? I'm considering using this service but I don't want to lose my local PIM. I'm using Outlook 2000 (with Pocket mirror) and some third party conduits (avantGo, Pocket Quicken).
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    I wasn't too happy w/ the Harmony/Anyday sync action... It's right up there with TrueSync as far as overhead goes.

    I really like SwiftTouch's approach of integrating directly into Hotsync manager (basically just replacing the std conduits). No additional, always running application like TrueSync or Harmony.
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    What do you mean always running? TrueSync doesn't need to be always running. Just take it out of the startup folder. It will then startup when called on by HotSync manager and terminate when done.

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