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    What program or how do I place a contact data base on a SD card and still be able to look at it when I need to?

    I thought you could use Beyond Contacts but it turns out you can't. Anybody have a solution to this?

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    You may be able to use LinkStart, a program that moves the actual database or program file to the SD card, and creates a link or "shortcut" in its place on the Palm device.

    This way, when you open it, it may take a second longer, but you have virtually unlimited storage on the SD card.

    Any larger apps I use this for, however, would be cautious to move my contacts DB...that's mission critical for me. Move everything else over and you will have plenty-o-room for the contacts.
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    There's a free version that you can use here, but if you wish to move individual DB files and things, much more advanced, you will want to purchase...well worth it IMHO.

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