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    Trying Chatter. The pop version seems to redownload the same emails over and over after they are deleted on the handheld. Am I missing something? (Using Gmail). Did not seem to have this problem with Snapper. But the background download is awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Serpico
    Can Chatter store mail on an SD card?
    The beta version does this and it is AMAZING! no 3:00am nonsense, just manages the messages from the card. I have 6 months of emails at my fingertips.
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    Looks like I'm gonna be giving that a shot ... if I have to reload Snapper 1 more time I'mm gonna freak. I have 5 accounts (all different) and I have to manually set them up at least 1 time per month ...

    I love Snappermail, don't get me wrong... but the latest version on a T650 is just a nightmare. Corrupt databases... Email dissappearing, etc. UGH.

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    SD card is in beta right now for Chatter. You can try it there.

    Chatter has a lot of features that Snapper doesn't have... beta or otherwise.
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    No. The current "stable" version of Chatter does not support email storage on SD card. I understand that they DO have it working on one of their current beta's and it will probably be included in a release version soon.
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    Chatter all the way here too... (Even if only for Marc's support !!!)
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    I'm a long time user of Snappermail - and am switching to Chatter. Here are my reasons, not in any order:

    1. Chatter has no upgrade fees for use on the Treo 600 and 650, although I predict some sort of upgrade charge for the Treo 700. I don't mind an upgrade charge, since keeping cash flowing to Marc will help keep him interested in future development. I just hope that when the time comes, the upgrade charge is cheap ($10 or less). By the way, Snapper charged a lot for moving from version 1 to version 2, and the initial prices are quite high to begin with.

    2. I am getting to really like IMAP and push email.

    3. I like Chatter's pop up window that lets me see the email message without closing the app I am in. If I want to read the whole email, I switch to Chatter. If the email isn't urgent, I just close the pop up and continue in my app. One problem I discovered here: I was typing in a long message (using Blazer) on the Treocentral site using the Treo 650, and a new Chatter message notification appeared. I deleted the pop-up, and my message I had typed in Blazer was also gone.

    4. Chatter doesn't turn on the screen for maintenance at 3:00 am in the morning like Snapper does. It has awakened my wife in the middle of the night ("turn of your phone!!")

    5. Chatter doesn't turn on the screen when communicating with the server like Snapper does.

    6. If I mistakenly "junk" an email from Snapper v2, it is gone forever. This became a problem with Snapper in upgrading from version 1 to 2. In Chatter, when I mistakenly mark something for deletion from the server, I can undelete the email if I act quickly. Sometimes, I am flying through messages and accidently delete something I don't want to delete, so it is nice that Chatter lets me fix my mistake.

    7. I like the background operation. I don't have to wait for email checking before I do something else on the Treo.

    8. I like the server folder search of Chatter. I can move messages to specific folders on my Fastmail server and they are no longer on the Treo. Then, if I need to look at a message, I can search Fastmail's folder and retrieve any message I may need.

    9. Finally, Chatter is fun to use and customize. It's hard to explain, but right now it is fun to use and learn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM
    Finally chatter can be set to check when you want just like snapper but you can push the quicksync button and go back to what ever instead of watch a loading screen with snapper. Try it I dare ya and at half the cost with free upgrades why wouldn't you. This is a no brainer guys.
    i don't think chatter can check WHEN YOU WANT. when i was testing chatter, i needed it to check every 30 minutes, from 8:00am to 6:30pm and only on monday's. the rest of the week, i wanted to do a manual send/receive.

    reason why i wanted it to automatically check only on monday is because i am not in work on that day, but still need to be on top of my emails. tuesday thru friday, i am in work so naturally i am reading my emails at my desk and don't need my treo go fetching them all the time. and no, my work email doesn't support that IDLE or push email or whatever chatter uses.
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    Can either Chatter or SnapperMail turn on the internet connection when set up to automatically sync the mail using the built-in scheduling? I'm using MOU instead of an unlimited data plan, and would love to have my email sync each morning while still on free nights/weekend minutes. Right now, if I schedule SnapperMail to automatically sync between 6:30AM and 6:45 AM, it will not work unless the internet connection is already on (and racking up minutes).
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    Everyone is talking about Chattermail, so I downloaded it and install it on my 650. I had to delete it 5 minunte later. Chattermail does not read html mail?? reading the mail is like reading the source code of a web page with all the html codes? Is that how it suppose to work? I didn't see anywhere to change the look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    The beta version does this and it is AMAZING! no 3:00am nonsense, just manages the messages from the card. I have 6 months of emails at my fingertips.
    oh sweet...i should look into that...chatter leaves a big footprint on my RAM so hey if i can throw it onto my SD, sweeeeeeeettttttttttt
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    The beta of ChatterEmail supports HTML.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    The beta of ChatterEmail supports HTML.

    if i am not mistaken the beta is directly available on the website right?
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    Yes, the beta is right there available for anyone and everyone to try out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    if i am not mistaken the beta is directly available on the website right?
    Yes. Click on the "What's New?" link on the ChatterEmail site.
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