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    I don't know if this is an individual problem with my phone or if it could be a general problem but sometimes when I call out and the other person picks up, i could hear them perfectly but they can't hear me at all. It's definitely not that there is too much noise around me or anything like that, it's basically that the microphone on my end just stops working. It happens like 3 calls per week and usually when I hang up and call again it works fine but it is really a pain in the aXX. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

    By the way, I'm using a cingular treo 650 with the 1.23 firmware installed.
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    Do you happen to know your signal when this happens? You might be dropping out of coverage. It's probably more likely a hardware problem. I can't speak for Cingular, but Sprint has testing equipment in some of their stores, so maybe it can be tested.

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    I've had this happen on an on-and-off basis sinve the 3G phones came out, with all the 3G phones I've had. Complaints to Sprint went unheeded, and in some cases, they simply replaced my phone. I've since accepted this as a bug in the system. I have no idea why it happens.

    edit: Oh, you're on GSM, never mind. I'm complaining about a Sprint problem
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    I just had a thread that my mic was out. No one responed so I thought it was just me. The mic did not work for several calls both incoming and out going. I tried a soft reset and cycling the phone function on and off but that did not fix it. The next morning it was working.

    I have had Sprint for 8 yrs and have never had this problem. I will trade the phone if it happens again to me.
    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    It's definitely not that I'm dropping out of coverage because it happens even when I have all 5 bars. It really is the weirdest (and most frustrating) thing that could possible happen with a phone.
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    If it's a Treo issue, what software version are you using in your phone? I wonder if ShadowMite's custom ROM would help...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashworth102680
    If it's a Treo issue, what software version are you using in your phone? I wonder if ShadowMite's custom ROM would help...
    My software version is "Treo650-1.06/5052/0....(the rest is off the screen)
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    just chiming in to say this happens to me on about 60% of the calls i place or receive when using the built in mic. i never have the trouble with my bt headset (hbh660) but the built in mic is a poa. sometimes its solved by switching to speaker phone but usually not. i too am on a cingular/same version
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    I too get this problem (I'm with Cingular) but usually when I'm on speakerphone. When this happens I turn off speakerphone and the other person can hear me fine, switch it back to speakerphone and it works again. I think its a Treo 650 issue not a signal issue.
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    definately NOT a signal issue. it happens with full bars. it is a hardware issue with the phone.

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