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    Having a little problem with Butler on my new Treo 650 from verizon.

    Whenever i send a text message, the message text turns grey, until it is received by the other user, at which points it turns black. When it turns black, Butler seems to think that i just got a new message, and the alarm goes off. Everytime I send a message. Is this normal, or am I missing a setting.

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    I have a Sprint treo 650 and I have the latest version of butler 2.x9 (beta) and I don't have this issue.
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    Did you find a solution for this problem? This seems to only happen on Verizon.
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    Unfortunately, this is how Butler will work on Verizon. The notification that the message was sent successfully over the VZW network is "read" by Butler as an incoming message.
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    Is this a Butler issue? I thought it was a Ringo issue, it is only VZW my Cingular 650 never did this. Its so annoying
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    It's strictly a Verizon issue, I don't mind it, I know that my message actually went out.

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