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    I just upgraded from a regular cell phone to the treo 650. I did not pick a data plan. I was able to get on the internet and noticed aftewards that I used 400kb of data. Question: does this mean I am on the pay-as-you-go plan by default, and if so how much am I being charged; or is this part of my voice minutes? Are there any roaming charges?
    Thanks for the help. I can't seem to get a straight answer from Verizon.
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    By all means, add a data plan to your service asap. You might end up paying thru the nose for data service otherwise.
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    You can get on the Verizon website and see your account. You need to register - it's free; just need your mobile number and create a password. You will see if you have Pay-as-you-go. Seems like you may have it since you didn't pick a data plan.
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    Better safe than sorry.

    Oh, and you're telling us that they cannot even tell you what you have or don't have? I'd demand my money back on the spot and can they justify billing you if you called and they cannot verify your plan?

    For shame VZ...

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