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    just got my sony erricson 662 thoughts so far:

    Pairing was simple....if it wasnt for the passcode, you dont even need the manual

    Comfort: much better than the hs810 moto. tighter fit and doesnt move around on your ear like the moto

    Time delay! wow...the moto was a pain in the ***, the 662 is a pleasure. It automatically picks up and tranfers by the fourth ring right out of the box. You dont even need to press the answer button on the treo 650 nor the headset itself

    Caller ID: not sold on it yet, but it seem like it could be great if you recognze the area code and first three numbers of everyone in your contact list. It does scroll, but by the time you finally get to see the number, the headset has picked up/answered the call

    Form factor.. a little bigger that the moto...but i little sexier I think! (if a headset could be sexy, that is)

    Price... 69 bucks plus shipping...need I say more??

    Just my two cents. Hoped that helped any potential users.
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    How is the sound quality? Any static or popping?
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    none of far
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    gsm with tmobile. firmware 1.14
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    How's the range? can you go beyond 10 feet? My SCALA 500 advertised 10 Meters but wasn't worth crap after 2 feet!
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    probably 15 -20 ft or so. Not much more than that. But I am still happier with it than I was with the 810
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    HOW LOUD IS IT????

    (sorry for shouting... but I don't hear so well)
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    sorry....say that again, I couldnt hear ya
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    volume is decibel years ahead of the phone itself, and I have not had a problem with inside, outside, or window open in the car
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    Question is... It is worth upgrading from the 660?
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    I've said this in one of the other threads regarding the 662... it's very well worth it, especially if you DON'T have neither of them because the 662 is only $10 more. However, if you already have the 660 then i guess it would depend on the feedback you get regarding sound clarity and volume, etc...
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    cant answer that question...never had the 660. Only the 810

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