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    Is there any good websites that you can download prc files for ringtones direct from my treo?
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    I may be a little biased here... but I like
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    as long as you select "i am browsing from my phone" it's no charge. however, i'm having trouble downloading real/voice ringtones, when i try to, it says "the file type you are attempting to download is not supported on your device" i have a treo 600. any idea on what the problem is?
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    My site; IMO, tones that are pretty well edited, reasonably small (15 to 45 KB), and pretty loud. I will add new tones periodically.

    For those who aren't aware, AMR ringtones are not the "electronic-sounding" midi-type tones, but more MP3-like "actual song" sounding, and they work as custom tones with the 1.12 firmware update.
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    What about original tones or alarms? I prefer not to have a known music as ringtone.
    Do you know if there is any site dedicated to "non-musical" ringtones/alarms?

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