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    My wife and I just upgraded both of our Kyocera 7135 phone to Treo 650s. When we upgraded, I took the path of least resistance and beamed the AddressBookDB, DateBookDB, MemoDB, and TasksDB via BeamPro to the new devices and then started re-installing our Games and other non-Kyocera specific Apps. The only issue I have found is that my wife used the Kyocera Ringer by Category function and had many different ringers, and when she receives phone calls different ring-tones are used for the different categories, yet there is no way to change the ring-tones. So, we'd like to either....

    1) reset all ring-tones to default ringer
    2) modify which ring-tones are used

    I have already tried using Ringo, Fix_AddressDB, hard-reset the phone, re-synced from Desktop, and many other variations on that theme. So, anyone got any ideas?

    PS> This thread has been posted to,, (7135 & Treo forums) so if I get a working answer I will re-crosspost the answer.
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    I have even tried, beaming the AddressDB back to a 7135, resetting all the Ring by categories to the same ringer, but still we get "odd" ringers when different categories call. This is a major issue for her, since my ringer is the ever-annoying "Alert Beep" which is slowly driving my wife crazy each time I call her.

    So, any ideas? Any at all? I mean has ANYONE seen this issue before?

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    Originally posted by Schavlan on
    I don't mean to split hairs, but what exactly do you mean by "Category Ring"
    For instance, there is a way to assign a specific ring to a specific caller, by building a favorites button for that caller.
    Oh, you beautiful, beautiful person!

    That was it, when she was messing around with her phone, she selected a ringer for my speed dial button. All better now. Am cross-posting the "duh I could not figure this out." message.



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