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    Hello all.

    Can anyone, who is using Mundu for thier IM purposes, share their experience with the application? What sort of data/sms package would I need from Sprint in order to use Mundu?

    I know, VeriChat is "the" program (according to most people). I can find plenty of information on these forums about VeriChat and I have no interest in paying a yearly fee at the moment. I'd like to learn more about Mundu.

    What I have been able to glean is that Mundu can connect to only 2 IMs at once, and does not have any background notifications (you must be in Mundu to see that a msg was received). Are there updates to these limitations in more recent versions?

    If anyone can share their experience with Mundu, I would appreciate any info. Thanks!

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    I recently began using mundu. Like you, I didn't want to pay the yearly fee. I don't do a ton of IM and mundu is stable, so I chose it over others.

    I 'm fairly sure I have the latest version and it only allows 2 services at once and has no background notifications. I also haven't seen anything about workarounds for those limitations.
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    You might want to check out ChitChat also.

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