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    I have a 600, but my wife needs a new phone and of course she can't have a normal phone now that I have a 600. I was looking on ebay and it appears the Hitachi G1000 has been discontinued and is now just over $200 new. This seems to be the going rate for a used 600 as well.

    I've read some reviews that show that people loved the G1000 over their 300, but any comparison to the 600?
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    I have owned both G1000 and T600. My opinion is that the Treo is far superior. More importantly for me is that I can stick it in my pants pocket, I hate stuff that hangs off the belt and bangs into everything you pass. Treo is on upswing. G1000 and others like it will be gone forever soon...
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    Ok cool. Coincidently I won a Treo 600 on ebay this afternoon, so that will be the phone she'll have.

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