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    Okay i did a search and found nothing helpful. I do lots of ebay stuff and my home page on my computer is basically "My Ebay" screen, anyone know where to get a good app for ebay? i only found "alert programs" at

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    Look for Abidia Wireless on Palmgear. It should do what you need.
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  4.    #4 gives you a .app file, i dont think that works with the 650, ill try the abidia wireless..
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    wow, abidia is pretty freakin awesome, but is anything in the treo world free!!!! man im dishing out on these much needed appz.
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    i do alot of ebay also, but i hated abidia *shrug* just didnt do it for me they're is so much potential for a great ebay app, guess people feel works it does but not that great. wish i knew howto code
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    Audiofx81, did you put a message in the programmers thread about the eBay app? Someone in there should be able to put something together for you eBay guys.
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    use goto & type in & it will "condense" it for you to e better on the Treo.
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    yup skweezer works great for ebay I use it all the time.
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