Just got my Treo 650 from VZW, and I have a Chrysler 300C with UConnect. Previously, I had a Moto V600 BT phone, that I worked with UConnect, except for one annoying problem--when I dialed a call directly from the phone, the UConnect system would not pass the audio until well after the other party had answered. In other words, I couldn't hear the phone ring and someone answer if I placed a call directly from the phone! Talk about annoying.

Now, with the Treo 650 and UConnect, I am happy to report that annoyance is gone! I hear the phone ring and I hear the person answer!

BUT, I have lost my signal strength meter , the battery strength meter still doesn't work, and twice, my call was temporarily interrupted by a "phone communication lost" message, then a second or two later, it picks back up. I guess that is a BT problem? Never had it happen with my V600.

You wouldn't think it would be so hard for manufacturers to follow standards, and actually TEST their products before releasing them!