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    I am trialing the TakePhone program and so far think it's pretty good. The only problem I have found is that the setting to 'Phone button uses TAKEphONE' doesn't seem to persist? I have to keep turning this option on manually in the Preferences screen.

    Anything I'm doing wrong?

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    I'm not sure if it's relevant, but it only seems to 'forget' the settings after I've made a phone call. So, if I use TAKEphONE to make a call, then hang-up, the phone goes back to the standard Treo hompage and I have to reload the app, and re-set the preference??!
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    Make sure you are using the latest beta from it should work.
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    Thanks Mahootzki but I already checked that - I am running the latest 6.50 Build 056.
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    Try emailing the developer about it his support is outstanding. Just for the record, i have been using TP for years now, it's worth every penny... play around with it a little and you'll see.
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    This is very strange.

    Are you using any other 3rd party application that references buttons (such as KeyCaps600, Butler, ...) ?
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    Actually I am using both those applications ... do they clash? I'm not sure about Butler, I think it locks my phone when texts and e-mails come in, so may be uninstalling that. And KeyCaps650 seems to intermittently disable itself ...

    I'm not sure if it's me, or the firmware, or just Palm software in general but a lot of this software seems a bit unstable or unpredictable. Could just be me needing to get used to how Palm works.
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