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    I was considering getting one of the BlueWalker headphone/headset combination units in order to listen to music and switch to voice when a call comes in.

    BlueWalker says they haven't tested it with the Treo 650 yet, so I'm doing further investigation into whether or not any of the media players (real, TCPMP, bTunes, etc.) have drivers for audio over bluetooth. If they don't then I guess I would have to get one of the audio/bluetooth 'dongles' that would hang off the headphone jack.

    I'm TIRED of cables!

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    noone? Do any of the media players have drivers for bluetooth?
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    Bluetooth implementation on the Treo lacks the capability to do stereo music over BT.

    We'll have to
    a) wait till PalmOne releases an update to the Treo - very unlikely or
    b) wait till the next version of Treo or
    c) use a dongle supplied by the headset manufacurer that will stream the audio to the headset.
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    Here's a more complete explanation of the problem, from the Palmone Knowledge Base.

    Note the following:
    "Treo 650's Bluetooth implementation does not support these Bluetooth profiles:
    * HID (Human Interface Device: connect to Bluetooth keyboard and other input devices)
    * FTP (File Transfer Profile: appears as external hard drive on a Windows or Mac computer)
    * A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution playing music wirelessly. This is Bluetooth 1.2, and the Treo 650 smartphone is Bluetooth 1.1)
    * BIP (Basic Imaging Profile)
    * All other Bluetooth profiles not specifically listed above"
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    and how about using the bluewalker as a headset for voice?

    anyone have experience with this headphone unit? The people at Bluewalker haven't tried it with the Treo yet.

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