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    some astronomy use ToUCam/QC3000 connect to PC
    and get picture, but still need a desktopPC or mobilPC

    How can I use PDA coonect USB webCam , some PPC PDA already have USB host (as I know Treo650 is USB device)
    , have any driver for PDA ?

    another method is use Treo webCam coonect telescope , but I think
    CMOS camera is poor than CCD sensor
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    OK the Treo does not have USB Host abilities. You would have to either make a custom adapter to connect to the bottom of your Treo, and custom software to have your treo capture images from you custom cable... Or use a laptop.

    I have not seen any PDA (Palm or Windows) that has USB Host abilities. They are designed as USB devices that connect to a host.
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    Check out this thread

    The treo 650's pprocessor is designed to serve as client OR host.

    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    from olavf at mtdn

    "Looked through the specs for the Intel® PXA270. The embedded USB controller supports USB OTG, which should allow the T650 to act as a client OR host. If the OS supports it, this should make for some pretty cool preipherals (like plugging in a USB hard drive or USB -based GPS)"
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    Cobalt OS 6.1 will support USB OTG but 5.x does not. Though I have heard of a box that palmone is going to put out for the LifeDrive that will allow you to hook up a camera to the lifedrive. I wonder if this is going to work on all Multi connector Palms or just the lifedrive.

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    I hope treo650 can use LF "usb connect" let treo650 connect ToUcam /QC3000
    , because my friend use mobile_PC + Toucam webcam for get astronomy picture ,
    and get good picture about Mars ..
    but mobile (notebook) battery life time is very "short" , for observer mars , we need
    long time for get picture , another method is use DSLR , but
    DSLR is too expensive for me , If Treo650 can connect TouCam will saving much money for me

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