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    I have recently started using Biz Connect PE through SPCS. It is a great utility. However, one of the more dissapointing things about it is that you essentially end up with two separate calendars on your device (in my case, a Treo 650) that do not communicate with each other. My corporate calendar managed by Lotus Notes get automatically pushed to my Treo and I can check it using Biz Connect, but to my knowledge there is no way for this calendar to automatically sync with my personal calendar on the Treo. This is annoying for a few reasons: I don't like having multiple calendars; also, you cannot enter events using biz conn- so if you are on the road, and want to throw a new event on your Treo, you cannot put it on biz conn, and if you put it on the built-in (palm OS) calendar that comes on the Treo, biz conn won't see it.

    Does anyone know of a utility that will address this issue? Some type of sync utility for biz connect?

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    I too would love to see something like this. I know sprint has said a newer version of BC will allow you to edit calendar events and enter new ones from the treo, but it was not on their new version a few weeks ago.

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