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    I have what may be a dumb question about filez on a treo 650. does anyone else have the bar graph that shows free memory as being "crooked?" don't know how else to explain it, but the battery graph shows a straight bar graph showing the remaining battery life, but for some reason, the free memory bar graph ALWAYS shows the bottom half of the bar graph extending farther than the top half. seems strange to me, but the 650 is the ONLY palm device I've ever owned that showed this type of behavior with filez.

    the reason that I ask is that I pretty regularly lose a large chatter mailbox file after a planned soft reset. I've tried everything from restoring from backup to rebuilding the mailbox to a zero-reset, but the problem still persists. I don't know if this odd filez behavior is normal with the NVFS file system or if it is an indication that maybe my internal RAM is defective somehow.
    -- berto
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    The 2 parts of the memory bar are for % of RAM free and % of SD card free.

    Tap on the bar graph and you'll see the numeric values for each type of memeory free.
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    holy moley, never noticed that. thanx for the reply. I guess my search continues as to why I am losing files...
    -- berto

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