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    Hi folks

    First time poster, but savvy enough that yes, I did search both the FAQ and forum first for answers Plenty of postings about bad batteries, but all seemed to mention pre-failure problems (feel free to correct me, if I'm wrong )

    My boss' Treo600 has completely stopped working. That is, no screen, no sound, no LED (by antenna) lit or flashing . No big dings in the case, so he likely didn't drop it. He regularly charges it every day and - other than once about 4 months ago when it mysteriously changed to Portuguese and had to be reset - it has been without any problems.

    I did Soft Reset, System, Hard and finally Battery Disconnect (about 4 attempts!) with no effect. Also tried a second charger, but no effect.

    How likely is it that the problem is just his battery (vs the Treo itself)? He's had the thing over a year, so voiding the warrenty with a "self-service" battery replacement kit route isn't a concern.

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    Well you can try installing a replacement battery... About $40.00...

    However if it will not even work when powered... I would wonder if the battery was the problem...
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