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    I had fully charged my Treo 600 in the morning, and then all of a sudden later in the day while typing a message, my Treo's battery just died. Screen wouldn't turn back on, etc.

    I got home, put it in its cradle, and noted that the battery was completely drained! After fully recharging it overnight, I noticed this morning that all my data on the device was completely gone. Is it only the 650 that retains info?

    Anyway, since I was only talking on the phone for a few minutes yesterday, any guesses as to what might have caused the sudden battery drain? This is a refurbished Treo that I got two weeks ago; should I be alarmed?
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    I would take it back and ask them to preform a diag on the phone to see if something is wrong. My Treo600 is over a year old and I am just now starting to notice a decrease in battery life. So if it is only 2 weeks old... That would be a bad thing.

    And yes only the Treo650 has Non Volitile memory. So it will not be effected by battery drain.
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    same thing happened to me . It still resets all my data even if the battery is at max
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    Get a $20 SD card and save all your mission critical data to that. Contacts and #s shouldn't be a problem if you've Outlook...
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    You need BackupMan ($10) and an SD card.

    Sorry about your data.
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    Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. Luckily, I lost VERY little data (just some notes I took on the plane), since I hotsync daily.

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