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    Hello Everyone,

    I recieved my Verizon Treo 650 from the PalmOne store this past Wednesday. I LOVE the device but have found one minor annoyance. The "s" key, unlike any of the other keys, won't click when I press it. The key works fine in every program, but it is getting a little annoying to have to check words that use an "s" to make sure that the letter made it in.

    Would this problem be covered under warranty? Has anyone dealt with returns through the Palm One store? In a situation like mine, would they send me a new Treo, a refurbished one, or would they repair mine? I'm mainly concerned that there is a shortage of Treo's, so if I send mine in I might not get a phone back for a week or two. Since I use this device every day for work, i'm a little nervous as to what I should do.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You could take it back for replacement but this is a very common problem. Mine has been this way since I first purchased (November '04) and it is not a problem, other than being a bit annoying. My feeling is, if it otherwise works, I'd rather not get a replacement that might have real problems.
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    You might also take it back simply because it bothers you. If you get another one that has a problem, I would take that one back as well. You don't have to settle unless you choose to (or you are past your warranty)
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    Thanks for the replies. Since I purchased the device from the PalmOne store online, I figured I would have to return it through them. There is a Verizon store down the block from me. Can I do the return with them??

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