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    My wife just called me panicked from London. She is unable to use the pen or her finger to input on the touch screen. I asked her to pop the battery out and reboot but no luck, its still broken. It was working fine yesterday.

    Any thoughts?
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    I've heard of dust & lint getting underneath the corners and sides of the LCD that causes it to be unresponsive to the stylus. Try cleaning around there. I think it might work for your wife. Also if you are using a screen protector, the protector might me misaligned and also cause your LCD to be unresponsive. Good luck.
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    jamestr is right, I had the exact same thing happen with a screen protector. If any area of the touchscreen is being depressed, it becomes unresponsive to other taps. I used a needle to carefully pick the protector out from under the edge.
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    I ran my finger nail all around the edge and that fixed mine.

    I don't like the thought of a sharp metal object. Try a plastic toothpick.
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    The edge of a business card worked for me. It took quite a few tries before I finally got it working again, but in the long run it did work.
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    same with me (using a business card)
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    Also - does your wife have a holster on it? I had the Treo holster (it's leather and attaches to the back of the Treo with it's "arms" wrapping around the sides of the touch screen). It then clips on to your belt.

    When this case was on, the screen would not respond. I called Palm and had the Treo replaced.
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    Just had same problem, no touchscreen at all on family members treo. Got tooth pick and drug it around the edges (as far as I could push it) and it apparently cleared out something because it works fine now! Thanks for the tip!
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    Yes, the use of the corner of a business card to dislodge that bit of debris permanently pressing on the touchscreen under the edge of the treo frame around the screen often works.

    However, sometimes a simple recalibration of the touchscreen digitizer is all that's needed.

    Look in your Prefs, on my Treo600 you would select Touchscreen and use the stylus to tap as instructed...
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    I concur.
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