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    After the latest SPRINT firmware update to my T650, the phone is rebooting each time someone calls, and during other normal events, like sending a message from Iambic Mail SSL Edition.

    This is getting beyond annoying, so much so that I'm considering switching over to a newly purchased Sierra Wireless VOQ Smartphone with WindowsMobile 2003.

    Comments anyone (especially users who have experience with the VOQ).

    Thanks to everyone!
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    I don't have any experience with the VOQ but your experience with your 650 is certainly a serious isolates issue. Have you entertained the idea of getting your 650 replaced? My Sprint 1.08 is as stable as ever. You have a defective phone, it seems.

    If replacing the Treo isn't something you wish to try, best of luck with the new device.
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    EDIT: Should read 'isolated.' I'm on my 650 now, no way to edit my previous post.
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    It doesnt sound like you would have any fewer problems with the voq. . .
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    might want to check that Iambic mail isnt causing the issues...
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    Get a VOQ for $155 now

    Although I think USA version is still over $500
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    VOQ?!?! dude sierra failed miserably with that, so much that they pulled themselves out of the market with that...if you want get the Benq P50, its avaiable...and is pretty cool...but dont punish yourself by getting the VOQ

    EDIT: Come to think of it...I would go with the ETEN M500 it is very solid and simply amazing..however no QWERTY keyboard
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    What's with all the old dead thread revivals today?
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