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    last night I talked on my phone until it was almost dead, I plugged it in and talked a little more, it came up with teh battery low warning a few times but it went away. I left my phone charging all night, now I have a black screen (power-off), and not even a soft reset or removing the battery will turn it back on! what should I do?! thanks for any info

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    I wonder if it was not really charging at all and the battery is dead flat. Maybe fiddle around and see if it really charged? Try charging again? Just a guess.
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    It sounds like it wasn't charging. Mine does this when the battery goes dead. Just make sure when you plug it in that it looks like it's charging, otherwise you may have a bad battery.
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    turns out bad battery, damn I'm never gonna let it get that low again, kinda BS that it DIES all together though, In my humble opinion anyways.

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