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    Here's my situation - current 600 user for over a year now, looking to upgrade the device. Do I wait for the next HP PPC phone (Mobile Messenger)or do I go for the treo 650? I am on T-Mobile, so I'd either have to get an unlocked, unbranded phone or find a cingular unlocked version somewhere.

    For those of you who upgraded to the 650 from a 600, are you happy? What are the advantages that you have seen?

    If you have an unlocked Cingular phone on T-Mo, does everything work properly (SMS, etc)?

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    My unlocked on Tmo rocks.
    There are abundant threads on this topic . In my opinion just the screen is a great justification for upgrade .Other features Bluetooth , better keyboard are a big plus .
    There are rumors of T mobile gettin T 650 soon, you may want to wait for a month or two .
    Even though T 600 was a great phone , every time i look at the screen. I feel happy about the justification .
    I am not sure about your financial situation . It's worth ,even if the upgrade cost is half your monthly salary.
    In the end, just do it .
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    Thanks for the quick response. Did you get your unlocked GSM from Palmone, or did you get a Cingular and unlock it?
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    Palmone, unbranded unlocked .
    Pop in you T mo sim card and you are ready to go .
    Never had any reset issues.

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