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    hello treo tribe! I have tried using shoutcast and it works but when I plug in my headphones auido still comes only through the speaker??? what do I do?
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    What kind of headphones are you using? You might look at Freedom by Toysoft.
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    im using the stock handsfree headphones.
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    Totally off the subject, but when you get this all figured out, can you pm me your thoughts on that program? I was considering purchasing that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by virasat
    im using the stock handsfree headphones.
    This has been discussed before but I will try to be brief.

    The jack on the treo is meant for audio phone use. You can listen to music through the stock headphone by either:

    Using Freedom by Toysoft (allows you to control pocket tunes as well). I use it to listen to mp3's with my bt headset.

    You can hold down the 'talk' button on your headset. When you do this, it connects the circuit and you will hear your music after 2 seconds or so (it has something to do with changing the resistance). Problem with this is you have to keep it held down. Some have looked for the 3-ring motorola headsets (again search about this) and then it works without holding down the talk button or having to buy freedom.

    For right now, maybe you should demo the Freedom program.
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    It is indeed likely related to the "resistance" issue a previous poster mentioned. Usually headphones don't trip it, but hooking the Treo up to speakers or other devices of different impedence will not be acknowledged by the Treo (I am not an electrical engineer, just noticed the posts).

    The solution I chose was to spend under $10 at Radio Shack for a little dongle they sell: 2.5mm-3.5mm with a volume dial in the line. Somehow it provides the proper impedence to "trick" the Treo into thinking it's an "authorized" headset, and will properly route the sound through the jack..

    Do a little searching on the forums and you will find more accurate details of the technical reasons, as well as other possible solutions.
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