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    I am the proud owner of a a VZW treo 650. I am hoping to ditch my two pager and I think butler can help. I am downloaded 2.86 and I have noticed two things:

    1- Butler refuses to play any ring-tone sounds but only "old alarms" sounds. I set it up to vibrate and play a sound but I am getting only the vibration if I set it to the new ring-tones like "alarm flute". In the setting window, test works fine (the sound is played). but when receiving an SMS (for instance) the treo does not play the sound but only vibrate (yes the switch on the top is ON!!)

    2- When the treo play a sound (from old alarm list only) and if I ask it to play 5 times for instance, the treo refuses to turn on until the five times are done before it allows me to turn on the treo so I can check the alarm? This is very annoying even so I guess I could set it up so it only rings one or two times. I think it should allow the treo to turn on immediately when pressing the power button.

    Any help would be appreciate before I buy this app.


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    I am having the same problem on a Cingular 650. Help please.
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    I suspect you have 'don't wake screen' selected. As noted, this can only play alarms from the 'old alarm' list.

    The latest version (beta at makes this somewhat clearer.

    If not, let me know directly and I'll sort you out.
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