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    Ok...I have been reading about the differnet players and such available for the 650. I didnt even really give the installed realplayer a chance before i did. So...tonight I thought why not hook up the ol headphones and listen to a few of my favorites on the sd card i have. WHOOAAA! Holy $#@%@!!! This player rocks! The volume burns my ears unless it is at about 25%. Who the heck said you needed a booster? The sound is amazing. Granted I only have mp3's and they are good quality files, but I have never heard things this clear before. I have owned 2 pocket pc's and 6 palms. This is the first time I can actually say that I could listen to this anywhere, including a plane and escape into whatever it is I am listening too. Is the realplayer the most advanced player on the market....maybe not, but I personally dont need a mixing studio on my palm. All I want is quality sound and the ability to pick playlists and such. I really dont care if I can alphabetize or put songs in order of their size, quality, middle name of the artist, etc.... After installing the realplayer from the verizon CD on my laptop, I can put together lists on it and then sync um into my treo. Man, this is cool. Sorry for rambling but for those of you who appreciate the sound more than the other junk this is it. You know I never realized there was a background voice in KISS's "calling doctor love". Not until now......
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    it does sound good...glad you're so pumped!

    pocket tunes sounds even better and has many more options.

    You can also stream mp3's from the web with the deluxe version. It's now bundled with the new lifedrive.
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    can you stream shoutcast with the trial version?
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    wow, that is cool. streaming.

    now i just gotta figure out how to use this thing. guess ill be reading through some old threads.

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