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    Is there some set files size for MIDI files? I am trying to transfer some to my 650, and keep getting wierd errors.

    I never had a problem on my 600, I dont get it.

    It is possible to just rename an MP3 clip to a MIDI file and it plays fine on the PC. Is the Treo 650 capable of playing such a "cheat" conversion like that?
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    64k is the size limit on midi files for the 650.
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    Thanks for the reply. Better late than never. :P
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    You cannot rename an mp3 to a midi file. You may be getting away with it because your player is smart enough to parse the header and think "this dummy put the wrong extension on this file" but they are entirely different formats. One is digital sound data, the other note on/off/duration/frequency data. It's one reason an mp3 is big, and a midi file is not....
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