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    I'm going crazy with AOL for Treo 650. I think I had installed version 3.2.1 and now there's a version 3.3. I'm using a Cingular Treo 650, Palm OS 5.4.5,
    Windows XP with Palm Desktop v. 4.1.4. A while ago, maybe 6 mohths, I kept having to reboot/hard reset my Treo. I was using way too many third party apps, so I got rid of pretty much everything and starting working with apps, one at a time. All was going okay. AOL was one I left out. I had a very long streak with absolutely NO conflicts. Today I got the bright idea to reinstall the AOL for Treo (which I'm sure is the v. 3.2). Well, sure enough....a couple of hotsyncs later, crash. Had to hard reset and reinstall everything all over again. About 2 hours worth of work.

    Can anyone tell me if AOL for Treo 650 v. 3.3 actually works without any conflicts or crashes?????? WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.
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    YES, it works fine.
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    Yes I use AOL mail with Versamail no problem also. Is there any additional functionality that you get with the Aol for Treo 650?
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    I have a Treo 650 by Sprint. I have used different email programs to send/retrieve my AOL mail. SnapperMail is my current main app to handle my AOL mail. Before that, I used VersaMail. Before that, I used Handango AOL. Before that, I simply logged onto the internet. All these methods worked fine for me. However, in order to send and receive attachments, I had to use an email application such as SnapperMail or VersaMail.
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    I am still on ver. 3.2 of AOL on my T650. Although it wont run directly from the card, I use PowerRun and have had no problems with it.

    As far as mail is concerned, I dont use it for mail. Snapper is my client of choice.
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