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    I searched but could not find a way to answer a call from the side button instead of the screen green icon or the green button on the treo. Why do I want to answer with the button? I have a flip on case which I need to open before getting access to the screen or the green answer button. I will love to not have open the flip to answer a phone call. I bought the fip case to protect the screen and I love since I can talk with the flip closed but I need to open it first so to answer the phone.

    Anyone having the same issues?


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    Me too. (bump)
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    Butler can turn the side button into rocker center. While the phone is ringing, the default action is 'pick up,' so it'll have the desired effect. You can also use it as a 'hang up' after you end the call, since that's the default action on a call.
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    Hi doomsey,

    Thanks so much. It works great!!
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    How do you configure the side button to answer and hang up calls in Butler?
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    Just click on the "volume buttons" button (first button on the top) then press the "enabled" button. Exit Butler and it should work as described above. Works for me at least.

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    That will make the side button unusable to launch Voicedial.
    I prefer to have VoiceDial be always available through the side button.

    Anyone been able to figure out how to set Butler to be able to do that?
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    TreoGuard allows you to answer a call with volume buttons.
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