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    I have a number of questions -- hope there are some answers;

    1. I am experiencing random resets. Has anyone identified the problem, any solution? (It just did a reset while I was in "prefs" dealing with my next question)
    2. I have attempted to change the "envelope" hard button that has as its default the "mail" program that comes with the Treo to "Chatter". (Prefs > buttons). How can I make this change permanent?
    3. When the Treo does the reset, it loads the "Connect to the Internet" screen, when clicking on yes, it goes to "Connecting to National Access." What program is prompting the unit to do this? Can this be altered?
    4. What do the different modes of the indicator light mean? I know "red" when charging and constant "green" when charged. Yellow, I take means that it is connected to the internet / syncing. However, sometimes it blinks "green" slowly and other times rapidly. When I do a quick sync in Chatter, it first turns "yellow". Then when messages are being loaded, it does the rapid green blink. Sometimes this goes to a slow blink and other times it continues for a lenghthy period of time. What is going on with that? How can it be changed?
    5. Is there a way to disable the "mail" program that is apparently native in ROM without deleting it?

    That's it for now. Please help.
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    i recommend the latest BETA version of Chatter... it seems more stable and fixes the fast green blink which sometimes would not stop. also, chatter is likely the reason for your phone connecting to the internet often.. .you can try to make all mail boxes offline and just do quick syncs whenever you want to check.

    do you have verichat installed? sometimes that can also affect things.
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    race -- thanks. I believe I have the latest BETA version -- May 22 -- is that it? I am only doing manual quick syncs, have checked Offline and Qsync every __ mins is unchecked. I don't have verichat installed.

    Any other thoughts to my other questions???

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