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    I have a new Treo 650 (Verizon). I've been having a problem over the last several days in which my calendar events (synced from my office desktop's Interaction via NotifyLink) suddenly disappear, and I need to do an "initial PIM sync" again to restore them. One of my office's IT guys suggested that the magnets in my SENA flip-case may be affecting the memory somehow (although you would think if that was the case it would be across the board in all programs, or arbitrary among several, not just for one function in one application). Anyone hear of any such thing?
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    Nope, have a HP Horizontal case surrounding my T600 for years, IT guy is dimwIT.
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    Magnets can affect hard drives because they're magnetic disks. The Treo's RAM is flash, there's no magnetic component and magnets won't affect it.

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