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    SnapperMail is starting to irk me. I have SnapperMail Enterprise on my Treo 650. Once in awhile, I click on a message that might be a couple days old in my Inbox, and I get this weird error message "Error, Database: unique ID not found (0x0218)".

    Some various recent email messages no longer exist anywhere, neither in my Inbox nor SD card, and I get this weird error message instead. Yet some other recent messages are okay without this error. This is the same sporadic error that has happened several times in the past couple months with no rhyme or reason.

    I'm considering doing a removal and re-installation of SnapperMail, and maybe this might help.

    Any ideas from anyone? Thanks, Casey.
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    This is well documented in the SM group. Basically there is some db corruption which entails erasing some of the SM files if you installed on top of an older version. Once you delete these files and it will erase your messages, but restore the files once you re-download your e-mail. They also recommend unstalling SM for your phone and re-installing from scratch.
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    Hello dwman,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, it appears I need to do a delete and reinstall of SnapperMail. I had installed the new version over an old version, and this may be the cause of the problem, as per the Snapper user group messages.

    I even emailed tech support awhile back when the new version came out, and they suggested I do an installation over the old version. Apparently, they did they know this problem would occur.
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    Timing is, well, perfect

    I got this message as well, and I had the Enterprise installed. It doesn't help that I had to do a hard reset for my Treo 650 and ended up
    getting a new user/synch ID. Sigh...

    Well, I look at it this way, I've turned off my auto fetch for over a month now. It could have been a lot worse. Though I'm gonna have to make sure the archived e-mails on my Treo are the same ones on my Gmail my desktop.

    Plus, I'm still trying to get a SanDisk Secure Digital 2GB card to port my Snapper e-mails to. (Maybe sometimes, putting things off is a good thing!)

    Looks like I'm gonna have to do a reinstall. I'll check the message boards when I have more time.

    Though here's a crazy idea: If I'm foolish for THINKING about doing this, please let me know: On my Treo 600, I have all the archived Snapper e-mails that I want to re-purpose on my T650. After I do a clean install of the software, is there a way to beam (or use File Z or another method I don't yet know about) that T600 file of mine, the "Snapper-MsgContentSnpm" over to my Treo 650 after I do the clean re-install...or am I just asking for trouble? The "Snapper-MsgContentSnpm" file is is about 1.5 to 2MB.

    Note: The same version of Snapper (Enterprise on my T650 is the same on my T600. I;m thinking of sticking with this version until all the bugs are ironed out with Snapper's recent upgrade, the one that supposedly fixes the NVFM issue.

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    Hi Kev,

    Did you install your current version of SnapperMail over an older version? Or did you first delete the old version, then installed your current version? Or is this the only version you ever had?

    The theory is that a problem exists when installing a new version over the old version, at least from what I gather on the SnapperMail chatboard.

    I will soon do an entire delete of SnapperMail, and only install the current new version. So hopefully this might do the trick.

    Although I have never tried it yet, I'm reasonably sure that FileZ is pretty much able to beam virtually anything and everything from one Palm unit to another. That's the great thing I love about FileZ, the ability to beam just about anything, including locked files.

    Whether you should actually beam/import your old files to your new Treo I have no idea. Obviously, you are worried there might be a risk of corruption. Have you tried contacting the SnapperMail people yet about this? If I were you, I'd hold off on beaming/transferring your old messages until you're sure everything else is okay with SnapperMail.

    Good both of us!! -Casey
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    Haven't had a chance to touch SnapperMail yet. I originally had version on my T600. Then I upgraded to the Enterprise, I believe. Then I had synched it to my T650 and everything seemed to be okay until my T650 crashed and had to do a hardreset (and get a different user a new Snapper registration code as well). I could have sworn I did a clean install of with updating that "Snapper-MsgContentSnpm" database file ontop of it. I think that's how I got that arror message, but I could be wrong.

    I did a e-mail from Snapper tech support and they said to do a clean install, though my "Snapper-MsgContentSnpm" question to tech support was unanswered. Off to the Snapper message boards to get more info...
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    I just got a response from the SnapperMail message boards. The solution detailed below seems great for those who want to leave their exisiting SnapperMail database on their Palms/Treos. But since the Treo 650 only has 23MB of actual user memory, that's not in my future!

    I'm thinking once I get my 2GB Ultra II SanDisk SD Card, I can just LEAVE the Snapper database file ("Snapper-MsgContentSnpm") on my card. Time to chime in back to the Snapper Boards to see if they can offer me a solution based on this idea. It's only a matter of time before we get it right!

    Message: 3
    Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 07:27:09 -0500
    From: "Michael M. Rye" <>
    Subject: Re: Corrupted DB?

    Using a file manager program, like FileZ, copy the databases to
    an SD card on the 600. Then insert the SD card into the 650 and
    copy them from the card into the 650's main memory. Overwrite the
    existing files. All four of the following files are needed:


    Michael M. Rye, Snapperfish Limited Corporation
    Please include previous correspondence in any replies.
    Online FAQs:

    kevturner02 wrote:
    > Here's a crazy idea of mine...would it work? See below:
    > On my Treo 600, I have all the archived Snapper e-mails that I want to
    > re-purpose on my T650. After I do a clean install of Enterprise
    >, is there a way to beam (or use File Z or another method I
    > don't yet know about) the "Snapper-MsgContentSnpm" from my T600 to
    > over my Treo 650...or am I just asking for trouble? The "Snapper-
    > MsgContentSnpm" file is is about 1.5 to 2MB.
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    Hi Kev,

    I'm glad you have a potentially workable solution. Let me know how it works!

    For myself last week, I did a complete and thorough deletion of SnapperMail. I ended up using 3 different methods to remove the many traces that SnapperMail left behind.

    1) Used the normal Palm delete tool, which only got rid of a couple files.

    2) Then used Uninstall application to further remove other associated files related to SnapperMail.

    3) Then used FileZ to dig further to remove deeply hidden SnapperMail files on the handheld, and a bunch more on the SD card. Using Filez, I also deleted SnapperMail under Programs in the SD card, and also deleted the entire Backup file on the SD card (I have BackupBuddy VFS).

    Then after I was certain I deleted all traces of SnapperMail, I installed SnapperMail again, and everything was up and running without a problem on the first try.

    Of course, it will take time, at least a couple months for me to say with confidence that all is working well without getting weird error messages, and message deletions.

    I have not yet tested out the SD storage function, because I want to make sure SnapperMail is working okay first. So far, everything is working normally.

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    I got a new reponse from SnapperMail re: my SD-Card request. Gleaning from his post, I wish the next edition of Snappermail would be out already. Things are taking too long!


    Message: 8
    Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 15:27:35 -0500
    From: "Michael M. Rye" <>
    Subject: Re: File Z & Transferring Snapper MsgContent DB to SD Card (Re: Corrupted DB?)

    When you copy the "Prefs" database from your 600 to your 650,
    it will set up the 650 with the same preferences and settings
    that the 600 currently has. You'll then just need to modify
    them to your liking on the 650.

    Note .... currently, SnapperMail does not download directly
    to the SD card. All messages must be downloaded into main
    memory first. Then the message content archiving (only
    available in Premier and Enterprise Edition) can be set up
    to archive anything as "young" as 1 day or older.

    Michael M. Rye, Snapperfish Limited Corporation
    Please include previous correspondence in any replies.
    Online FAQs:

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