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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a Bluetooth GPS for my Treo 650 with North America map. According to my research on this forum it is my gut feeling that Tom Tom navigation is most apt for the Treo. Would like to know if Tom Tom has their version 5 in the market now. Is this equipped with a North America map? Hope to hear from those who have experiences navigating the North America map with Treo 650.

    Tops on the list will be any recommendations where to get it in Canada. (If possible, where to get Tom Tom in Montreal, Quebec?) Much appreciation for your prompt replies.

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    I just dropped by "Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux" on Ontario St. Montreal where I used to buy my maps before I travel. Large selections of world maps including GPS. The salesperson told me that there where another people looking for GPS for Treo recently too. He suggested to wait for Garmin which is more detailed rather than purchase Tom Tom. Does anyone know if Garmin works on GPS for Treo? Kindly provide me your observations. Glad to know and thanks. Nicky
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    I use mapopolis and holux for the blue tooth gps unit. I love it and it works great.
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    I think TomTom is coming out with a new version soon (TomTom5?). I saw a screen shot and it looks like it has a sort of and angled 3d perspective view now.

    Also, realize that TomTom currently is only usefull for the car. It's completely useless for hiking. You can't log, add or import waypoint info, no topo maps, etc.
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    I use TomTom currently and it's been great. I'm looking forward to the software update. It hopefully will offer come solid improvements over an already great product.

    I do agree that it desperately needs some offroad (hiking/fishing) support.


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