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    When I press my green phone button, I used to get my standard Palm Phone application, so I can dial and make calls.

    Instead, now when I press the green phone button, I always get the standard Palm Contact application.

    This all happened yesterday when I deleted TakePhone from my handheld (and copied to SD card). After removing TakePhone files from the Treo 650 handheld, my standard Phone app no longer appears when pressing the green phone button, and has been replaced by the Contact application.

    I've already tried doing Preference and Button, and soft resets, but with no luck.

    Please help! I want to get my standard Phone app permanently mapped back to the green phone button!

    Thanks! -Casey.
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    No! Will not consider a hard reset after spending past 2 months configuring my Treo the way I like it.

    Any other answer?
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    You can try Datebk5's resetphonebutton.prc -- "Install and run this applet once to fix the problem of the phone button getting assigned to DateBk5. You can remove it after you run it once." Here's a copy...
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    Run the resetphone utility (from Pimlico software), attached.
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    Will either of these reset apps do a hard reset on my Treo to erase everything?

    Which reset app is better?
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    They look to be the same program... DateBk5 is from Pilmlico - I pulled resetphonebutton.prc from their latest download. It just resets the button behavior - NOT the entire phone.
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    Hello Mcbr / Nispen,

    Fantastic! You guys are the best! Yes, the reset app worked! I now have my Phone app back when pressing the green phone button!

    This really frustrated me yesterday...but now everything is right with the world again!

    Thanks! -Casey

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