Dear All

Just got a locked UK Orange (GSM) T650 and am starting to play (my previous phone is a Visor Platinum/Visorphone LOL which has given great service).

Here's my concept: I want to set up the T650 with my Tibook G4, prob using Missing Synch. The phone comes with a special edition of Palm Desktop 4.1. I have read threads at Brighthand and elsewhere that advise to uninstall old Palm Desktop (4.0) and do a Clean Install to minimise resets etc. Am not sure about getting calenders, notes and contacts across (not worried about anything else). Any tips? I have made a backup of my user folder. One thought would be to iSync (or Missing Synch) to Apple Address Book and iCal and then import to the 650 from there

Part 2 involves retaining the use of my Visor/VP. Why? Well I need an unlocked phone for when I go abroad. I could write data one way to it before I go, so I can call people if I need to. I have another Mac (also 10.3.9) with Palm Desktop 4.0 on it, and I can sync it from there, completely seperately. I just need to ensure that the data I import from Palm Desktop 4.1 is kosher for 4.0 Any thoughts, or am I getting too ambitous?