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    We have a weekend place where CNG coverage is pretty iffy. Was nonexistant w/ VRZ, so at least a bit better. I used to fwd my phone to the house as I approached, then had to unfwd when leaving, usually forgot, etc. So pleased to see the flexibility with the fwd'ing options w/ Treo / CNG. Other than "Fwd everything", there are options to fwd if no service, if no answer, or if busy. Each can be programmed separately. However, I get "Operation failed" if I try to set more than one of these, either all at once or one at a time. Seems to kind of defeat the purpose of having the flexibility if only one of these conditions is allowed.

    Should I be using a different procedure to get this done? I'd like to program all three.
    Mike Caldwell
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldmike
    Should I be using a different procedure to get this done? I'd like to program all three.
    I discovered this right after I got my Cingular Treo. I called CS about it and it is a Cingular restraint. On mine, I cannot forward to another number other than voicemail using the setting for "No Answer" at all. I can for either of the others; When busy or Off/No Service, but not together.

    I often use the setting for Off/No Service when I'm using my v3 and don't want to lose calls. This also allows me to use both phones if needed in that if I happen to have the Treo and v3 on at the same time, I can receive calls on the Treo without forwarding.

    You do know that when you forward calls on Cingular, its rather espensive. You are charged a per minute fee for the forward plus regular airtime for the call! It can add up. I know from experience, so I only use this when I really need to.

    I think Cingular charges like that as well as places restraints on the call forwarding features to force you to buy/subscribe to their call forwarding service.
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    You might want to look into doing the "inverse". Get Vonage as your one phone number, and then call forward it to your cell phone when needed. Vonage has multiple call forwarding options (including simultaneous ring), and they are all free.

    Just a thought...


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