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    I have an unlocked GSM Treo 650 with an approved Cingular SIM. I got the new BT Treo handset and easily paired it with the phone.

    Problem is, for reasons unknown to me, the phone drops the pairing with the headset. I see it in trusted devices but need to go through the discovery process to get it back up and running.

    Is anyone having this problem? Any thoughts on preventing this from happening in the future?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I had the same issues with the TWH after using for about a week. Periodically and without any reason, I would have to re-pair my Cingular 650 and the TWH; very frustrating, especially when on the road for a day. This issue and inconsistency and lack of range of the TWH prompted me to purchase the Sony HBH 660. The Sony has been flawless for over 2 weeks now. Battery meter is a BIG plus as well as audbile verification of connect/disconnect which the TWH did not have for me.
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    I had this a couple of times. Seems to stem from holding the multifunction switch a bit too long when powering it up, and it flicks in and out of pairing mode. So it seems to be the headset losing the Treo, not the other way around.
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    Out of curiousity, are either of you also using a BT keyboard? Things seem better if I remember to disable the keyboard I have.
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    I was very happy with the Sony 660, but really wanted the same charger, so I bought the TWH. Paired fine, but there was always a bit of a delay in answering a phone call. When I hear the phone ring, I had to wait to hear the 4 tones on the TWH before pushing the button to answer. Lately, the headset does not give the 4 tones, and when I push the button for half a second to try to answer, the headset turns itself off! It has happened a few times, and was very frustrating. I have since gone back to the Sony 660 - no problems whatsoever! Guess I will use the TWH only when I travel ...
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    Unlocked and no BT KeyBoard: Never had this problem with my Motorola HS850
    CASIO SF-7900 > Palm III > PalmVX > Palm m505 > Palm Tungsten C > Treo 650
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    One thing that I just discovered is that it sometimes unpair if you run into something like "Line is busy -- Redial?" messages. But you can somehow toggle it back by holding the multifunction button down for some mysterious, unspecified amount of time.
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    My TWH just unpaired after a week of flawless use at the worst possible time.

    I think I agree it might be holding the button down too long. It is strange though. When it is unpaired, the Treo still shows the TWH as "trusted", it just can't find it. Perhaps setting the Treo to "allow it to see untrusted devices" (or whatever that setting is), might help it "find" the lost TWH easier. I agree the issue is on the TWH side. Or perhaps it has to do if the treo "sees" other bluetooth devices it is not paired with. I know for a fact I was in a few cars with bluetooth before it decided to unpair with my TWH. Who knows... Perhaps jealousy??

    Of course those very extensive and technical TWH directions are not much help!

    I used the Sony 660 for a while and it never unpaired. However the beeping in my ear on every call made me nuts. And I A-B tested the sony and the palm and the Palm TWH was louder. This was the deciding factor for me.

    For the TWH what is it..hold for 5 seconds it powers on. Hold for 8 seconds it tries to pair?? I know somewhere there was a review that went over all the various button-pushes on the TWH that the directions don't cover well, but I can no longer find it.


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