Hi there. I've got one piece of mail in my versamail 3.0 for verizon treo 650 that is giving me a problem. it's a piece of spam, called "the most impressive medication" and while i can read it, i can't delete it or it resets the treo. same thing happens if i try to forward, etc. it seems the date header is dated 2025. want to figure out how to get it out of my inbox, but the only thing it can do to it without resetting the treo is to read it...

here are details of the email:
From: TheTrueWonderdrug527@rdp.net
Subj: The most impressive medical sceince breakthrough this century...let yourselv be amazed by the results nkrvhihb
Date: Thu Nov 27, 2025 7:00 am
size: 4k