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    Hey gang ! Anyone have any experience with this and what the cause or fix could be??

    I recently ported over my nubmer on T650 from Sprint to VZ... using an authorized VZ T650 now...

    however, whenever i scroll down from the dialpad screen to access my favorites the phone resets... these are literally the exact same apps from my T650 on Sprint, but i can't figure out what the problem might be...

    any assistance is appreciated...

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you, by the way!!!
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    You say "literally the same apps." Does that indicate you did a backup from the Sprint phone, and then restored to the VZW one? If so, I suspect that's your problem.

    Each carrier customizes their version of the phone, especially in the phone app itself. You may have a Sprint file that's interfering with a VZW one, or trying to call some function that only exists in Sprint phones.
    Bob Meyer
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    you are probably dead on there Bob... thanks... any idea which phone function could be interferring or what process to take to get rid of the Sprint phone data and re-input the VZ phone ROM?

    thanks again... never thought of it like that.... silly me!!
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    First, unless you loaded one of shadowmite's custom ROMs, your VZW ROM is still intact. What you may have is file in RAM that is overriding the ROM. The way the PALM OS works, if the same file exists in ROM and in RAM, the RAM version is used, and the ROM version ignored.

    Do you have a file manager installed? If not, find a copy of FileZ and install it (it's free). Scroll down to the files that start with Phone, and see if you have any with SPCS in the name. You can safely delete them. Actually, I'd delete ANY files that have SPCS in the name.

    Another possibility is that the favorites DB is corrupt, or formatted differently on the VZW phone. If so, you'll probably need to delete the file PhoneFavorites2DB, and manually recreate your favorites.


    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    sounds good... thanks...

    i looked and didn't see any SPCS file extensions in my phone files... also tried deleting the PhoneFavorites2DB... both to no avail...

    not sure what to try next... anyone?

    thanks in advance!!!
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