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    I tried to access my XM sat. Radio Online on my Sprint PCS 650, and the site said i required a browser with iframes, 2 questions....

    1. Does Palm OS have a iframe browserto do this(most likely with the correct audio plug-ins),
    2. Anyone have/seen XM online software for the Palm ?
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    Wow...thats weird...I tried the exact same thing this morning and came to the forum to ask the same question. Ive done a couple of searches for a web browser for palm that supports i-frames and came up with squat. I have a feeling that if xmradio finds out that we are all going to be streaming their content over our 650's they will put an end to it. Hope not though. Somebody help us!
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    I just figured out that I can get the internet service for free because I already have 2 other radios but can't get through the firewall at work. Never thought of the treo. Do not have the solution but I will be looking into this also because it seems like the perfect idea. Going to put Elton out of the commercial business.
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    Do a search on this. There was a thread that talked about having your home PC listen to XM and have it feed to your own shoutcast server which you could then listen to on your Treo.
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    couldnt find that pc to shoutcast w/ XM,
    I was planing on doing that , however XM radio is on the list of copyrights?
    SO i thought that it was illegal to re broadcast the XM.
  6. #6 looks very promising. I'm currently trying to implement it for a friend to play his personal music collection to the 650 without having to use RDP/VNC. It's all over HTTP
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    i still dontthink that it is allowed to rebroadcast xm to shoutcast

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