Whenever I travel, I always adjust my timezones on my laptop and my Treo to show the current zone. However, there are several issues I've seen:

* Outlook adjusts the times for appointments to be relative to the current time zone. So, if I schedule a weekly conference call at noon PT and then travel to New York, Outlook automatically adjusts this to be for 3 PM local time.

* The Treo does not

* If the syncing PC and the Treo show different time zones, Hotsync just assigns the dates/times to whatever your current zone is on the Treo. So an appointment for 10 AM PT gets set for 10 AM ET if that's the zone your Treo is in when you sync.

* If you sync at home and then sync while away (different TZ) you're pretty much screwed. Outlook and the Treo will have many, many appointments in the wrong times, especially any "all day events." I'm sure that some of this blame should go to Microsoft because an all day event like "New Years Day" is really defined as 12 AM to 11:59:59 PM in the TZ you are in when you create the event. But when you move to another zone and when you combine this with the bugs above, you end up with multiple appointments for the wrong times even when you have everything back in the same zone.

* The questions are: is this a bug that is going to be fixed? Are there any utilities out there to handle traveling into multiple zones and adjusting your calendar/tasks accordingly?

* For the record, I am NOT using the Treo's "auto time set" and I am using WorldMate's ability to quickly swap one city for another and have the clock adjust the preferences TZ when you do so.