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    So, I've been using Chatter with Fastmail IMAP for 25 days or so, and find it to be a far superior solution to VersaMail in almost every way.

    However, Outlook has an extremely poor IMAP implementation, to the point that it's almost useless. Outlook can not use the IMAP message store as the default, or fire reminders on IMAP email, or run rules on inbound IMAP emails, or move sent emails to the IMAP server, or auto-purge deleted IMAP emails on a pre-set schedule.

    My colleagues and I use email to set and manage client-specific task items. So if I continue to use IMAP, I will have to process every one of my incoming emails by hand (move to default message store, create reminder, purge IMAP store) - an untenable situation.

    I really, really like Chatter better than VersaMail. But unless I can find a way to sync multiple Outlook email folders, I'm afraid I'm going to have to switch back.

    Any plans to add syncing, Marc?

    Or can anyone here suggest another solution?

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    I'm not sure what you're saying. Chatter can sync any number of folders in the IMAP store. Is this an Exchange issue then with Outlook? Give me some more info, so I can help brainstorm this with you.

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    Yes, this is really an Outlook issue, not a Chatter issue.

    I don't use Exchange, just Outlook linked to mail servers.

    In my desktop Outlook setup, I have folders set up for each project - maybe 30 folders at any one time, although most of the action is in 10 or so. I use rules to move incoming emails into the appropriate folders. I also use Outlook's "flag" feature so that I get reminders as due dates approach. (The reminder feature only works natively in the main inbox folder, but I have a 3rd party add-in that triggers reminders from any folder). I also have a VBA module that copies flagged items into Outlook tasks.

    If I switch to IMAP, then none of this will work - not the reminders, not the rules, and not the VBA module. Additionally, Outlook's IMAP implementation requires many extra steps to manage IMAP email - for instance, there's no auto-purge, and Outlook won't display the IMAP folder automatically when new email arrives, as it does for POP email.

    Question 1 is, if I'm forced to use POP to make Outlook work, and I set Chatter to read my Pop email, is there a way to get all those extra folders of email onto my Palm?

    Question 2 is, is there a way to kluge Outlook so that I can keep using IMAP?

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    I am having a similar issue during my Chatteremail trial subscription. It's an Outlook issue, not a Chatter issue, without question.

    My mail goes to, and I successfully retrieve it via Chatter. Yes, IMAP there supports the IDLE command. (The webhost is for anyone interested, highly recommended).

    IMAP folders on are:


    Mail sent from the outside to successfully shows up in the Outlook 2003 IMAP Inbox and in Chatter on my Treo 650. I can then delete that email in Outlook or do whatever I want with it. No problems.

    So here's the problem.

    If I send an email from my Treo 650, Chatter successfully places a copy of an email sent FROM the Treo 650 into INBOX.Sent. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to make Outlook 2003 see the emails in INBOX.Sent, so I can't access them from my desktop in order to file them away or do whatever I want to do with them.

    I have tried Outlook's "subscribe" to this folder and that folder. Those efforts don't make a difference. At this moment there are 5 emails sitting in INBOX.Sent on and they don't appear on Outlook 2003.

    Outlook seems to ignore my efforts to name INBOX in all caps. It reverts to initial caps. I don't know if IMAP folders are case sensitive.

    My fear is that this is an Exchange issue. I have set up the IMAP email account directly on my desktop in Outlook 2003 to access, completely bypassing the Exchange Server to which I am attached. This is consistent with my previous way of doing things, where I used POP to retrieve mail from

    OK. An extremely windy explanation that leads up to the simple question:

    "How do I make Outlook 2003 (configured as an IMAP client) reveal the contents of INBOX.Sent?"

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    Solved my own problem. Here's how I did it.

    1. I still can't get Outlook 2003 to look inside INBOX.Sent and see the emails there.

    2. Don't care. Solved the problem another way. Let the folder = INBOX.Sent rot in hell forever.

    3. Went onto and using Squirrelmail created a new folder on the server called ChatterSent.

    4. Went onto the Treo 650 and created a new mailbox called ChatterSent. Went to the right place to tell Chatter to send a copy of a sent email to ChatterSent.

    5. Went to Outlook 2003, right clicked on my IMAP email folder in the folder view of Outlook, selected IMAP folders, did a Query with a blank in order to reveal all of the folders on, and there was ChatterSent. Subscribed to it. ChatterSent now appears in the folder list in Outlook 2003.

    6. Send a couple of emails to my Yahoo account via Chatter.

    7. Emails arrive at Yahoo. Duh.

    8. Copies of emails appear in TreoSent and ChatterSent (my new folder) on the Treo. Duh.

    9. Copies of emails arrive *ta dah!* in Outlook 2003 in the ChatterSent folder.

    CONCLUSION? Resounding success. Chatter now works precisely as I want.

    --My "inbox" in Outlook 2003 contains exactly the same stuff that Chatter's inbox contains.

    --My "sent" emails in Chatter are exactly the same as my "sent" emails in Outlook 2003.

    Happy, happy, joy, joy.


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