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    I'm trying out Butler because of the great reviews/support that I've read on this board. My question it stable? I remember reading some months ago that people were having issues w/resets. Is that still a problem?

    I also have TreoGuard, so I'm wondering if they play nicely together or am I looking at potential conflicts since they do some of the same things?

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    It is stable
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    get the newest version I think it is 2.x9 I have Profilecare, LEDoff and Butler all working in sync
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    No problems here with version 2.86 on my Sprint 650.
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    I have no issues with butler at all and I'm also using a sprint 650. just curious gt51 what features of ledoff are you using along with butler?
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    2.89 here. Works great along with LEDOff. LEDOff turns off the blinking green service indicator light while still keeping the charging red and green lights active. Butler lets you set attention LED indicators for things like voicemail and missed calls.
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    Where did ya'll get Butler 2.89? On the website it only has 2.86.
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    It is a beta release, available at the Hobbyist software web site.
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    No problems with TG 1.8.12, Butler 2.86 and ProfileCare 1.3.3 all working together on a Sprint 650. In fact, I've had TG and Butler for almost 18 months (Treo 600 days) and don't remember a time when they did conflict.

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