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    Well, file this under the Near-Useless category, but I thought I'd combine two of my favorite hobbies (firearms/shooting & pda's) into one project.

    So, for any of you gun owners out there (Hunters, Sport Shooters, collectors, etc.) I've started up a PDA-friendly Mobile Gun Gallery.

    Point your Blazer here:

    It's only a start, and definite work in progress. Something to occupy you while waiting in line at the DMV or Post Office line--ahem...maybe not at the Post Office--but something uselessly fun nonetheless.

    If you have pictures you'd like to load up of those in your collection, email me at
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    Thanks for sharing that, I'm a NRA member and an avid gun collector/shooter. I'd love to share some images of my personal collection of pistols such as my 8 3/8" S&W 500, S&W 340PD, Beretta 92FS, NAA .22 MiniMag, etc.

    I've also got a few rifles I'd love to share as well.

    Love the site and the volume of pictures. I'll email you shortly if you don't mind.
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    That's, nice I love it! I used to load ammo for a living and tested most guns weekly. I love the 44 Mag, now that was a kicker. Thanks for sharing, lots of fun memorys....
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