For all Cingular users .. you should give this a try.

I finally managed to get the OK from our IT boss at work to install the redirector on my work PC. Now my Treo650 is totally synced with Outllook e-mail, schedule, addressbook (via live search). E-mails deleted on the Treo get removed from my Outlook inbox, items sent from the Treo show up in the Outlook Sent Items. The program is very good.

I haven't been able to figure out the following:

1. How to improve the push timing? It takes about 30 sec - 1 minute for the e-mail to show up on the Treo. I want to win the battle of "instanteniosity" with Blackberry users !!!

2. How the heck deos the re-director work even when I have logged off Outlook (but have the redirector running)? Where does the re-director get my Outlook usename/password to access the exchange server?

3. How do I access the sub-folders (Cabinet) in Outlook?

4. How do I use the SD card for storing the e-mails, attachments etc on the Treo.

As soon as I am able to set up my home e-mail accounts (POP/SMTP) on Xpressmail, Versamail is history ....